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Restaurant Design Associates Ltd hold a Management System which supports our strategic direction, in line with our key business goals;

Reduce operating costs and improve profitability of RDA by working more efficiently and effectively.

Develop RDA’s existing client base and capitalise on new commercial opportunities, without compromising on quality.


Aim to develop the brand of the business

In order to achieve our key business goals, we must

  • Maintain acceptable annual turnover value

  • Increase RDA brand awareness

  • Maintain H&S record and record all accidents / near misses

  • Maintain Environmental Objectives Register

  • Maintain company accreditations

  • Begin monitoring company carbon emission levels

Successful implementation of the Management System requires the commitment and understanding of all employees to assist with the implementation and improvement of company objectives, policies and processes. This will result in continual improvement of our standards, processes, product delivery and service.  

’Top management’ at Restaurant Design Associates are fully committed to the reviewing, development, maintenance and continuous improvement of the Policy Objectives Statement and the Management System. The Management System comprises of The Management System document, Policy Objectives Statement, Staff Handbook, RDA Objectives and a suite of supporting documentation and processes.

A number of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) shall be identified, reviewed and results communicated in order to demonstrate continual improvement.

All relevant legal and contractual requirements shall be identified, complied with and included within the Management System.

We are committed to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health whilst consulting and involving workers, and where they exist, workers’ representatives, protection of the environment; including prevention of pollution, and to continually improve the Management System.



Restaurant Design Associates Ltd specialise in all areas of the catering, hospitality, workspace and retail industries. The scope covers the provision of consultancy, planning, design, equipment, management of installation and the project management of fixed service areas for the catering and retail industries. Our solutions fall into three categories; design and consultancy, equipment procurement and delivery, and installation and project management, all of which are covered by the Management System.

The purpose of the Management System is to define and provide the structure on how Restaurant Design Associated Ltd satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001. The contents of the Management System contains mandatory documentation for all staff and shall be used for staff training and retraining purposes. The Management System will be updated periodically by ‘top management’ to demonstrate a continuous improvement and effectiveness. All documentation shall be available and maintained as documented information and all compliance issues are controlled.


We conduct all activity within the office premises and on-site locations across the UK. The office is located at B5 Marquis Court, Team Valley Trading Estate, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE11 0RU.

The external and internal issues are identified departmentally and are detailed within the Management System. These are reviewed by ‘top management’ as and when appropriate.


Each relevant interested party has been acknowledged, and for each, their requirements, needs and expectations, the means of satisfying their requirements, the associated processes and documented procedures to support their requirements, how these are monitored and any resource implications have been detailed within the management system.

There are currently no exclusions.

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