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Newcastle Upon Tyne


Heritage & Venues


80 / 55 / 207 / 64 sqm



Matfen Hall

RDA have had the pleasure of working various projects at the stunning Matfen Hall. Initial works required our expertise re-designing configurations and consulting on operational layouts for a number of lounge bar spaces. We were then appointed by the architects to strategise, design and install a commercial kitchen into a series of mothballed basement areas. The project was not without significant challenges, owing to the fabric of the kitchen demise and not least the existing vaulted ceilings and restricted head room. Nevertheless, we were able to tap into our specialist in-house knowledge and liaise with our network of MEP contractors to create a state- of-the art kitchen including ware-washing, prep and multiple cook-lines each with their pertaining extract systems. The establishment of the new kitchen was critical in the venue’s wider f&b and events strategy, and plays a key role in supporting new revenue streams as part of a wider project development and ROI plan.
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