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135 / 122 sqm



Princess Royal Hospital

RDA provided supply, build and installation support for the the world's first check-out free store using Amazon Just Walk Out technology at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust – in partnership with One Retail and noviniti. Shopping at a location with Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology is designed to be an effortless experience. Just walk Out technology is made possible by artificial intelligence-like computer vision and deep learning techniques, including generative AI, to accurately determine who took what in any retail environment. As part of a multimillion-pound investment, the hospital also now boasts a new Costa Coffee with self-serve kiosks and a click-and-collect service. Offering an innovative, convenient solution and much improved experience for staff, patients, and visitors alike. RDA's involvement in the project extended from working in partnership with SBD design, through to the meticulous build and installation of both outlets. Working closely with wider team throughout, RDA ensured that the build expertly supported the specialist technology and that the look and feel of each area reflected the Just Walk Out and Costa brand standards.
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